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Divorce comes with many changes and challenges. From the initial dissolution of the relationship to questions of who will keep the house or who will maintain primary custody of the children, not to mention the financial impact on both parties. Some of the largest concerns that couples that are going through a divorce have are how the situation will impact their finances, housing, and relationship with their children.

It can be difficult to navigate with the major changes that result from divorce, and many individuals find themselves struggling to adjust to the “new normal”. In the United States, almost 800,000 divorces occur each year, and having adequate legal representation can make all the difference in how your divorce plays out. The Law Office of Scott S. Ives takes the time to understand your family situation and provide expert legal advice and representation in order to produce the best outcome possible for your divorce proceedings, custody arrangement, spousal support, or other family law matter.

Whether you have questions regarding the minimum duration of separation required before filing for divorce, the division of assets, child custody, child support, spousal support or alimony, or any other family law matter, we have answers for you. Let a professional provide peace of mind and get through the divorce process without stress.

Contact the Law Office of Scott S. Ives today at (703) 444-6600 or visit our website to schedule a free legal consultation to discuss your family law matter or divorce.

Divorce Lawyer In Vienna, VA

Hire an experienced divorce lawyer in Vienna, VA. It can be difficult to make sound decisions amid such an emotional time of upheaval, which is why it’s so important to find the right divorce lawyer to guide you and your family through the divorce process. Hire a local divorce lawyer in Vienna, VA to handle your divorce. Contact the Law Office of Scott S. Ives for a free and confidential legal consultation.

Need Help With A Divorce Law Matter in Vienna, VA?

If you need help with a divorce law matter in Vienna, VA, hire the best family divorce attorney from the Law Office of Scott S. Ives. We offer practical legal advice and treat every case with compassion. Our attorneys understand that divorce is a complex subject and make every effort to make the process go as smoothly and quickly as possible. Contact a divorce attorney today.

How To Choose A Family Divorce Lawyer In Vienna, VA

Find how to choose a family divorce lawyer in Vienna, VA, and ensure the best outcome for your divorce proceedings. When searching for a family divorce lawyer, seek out online client reviews and ratings to determine if they are the right fit for you. Set up a consultation to discuss you case with an attorney and get a feel for the way they operate. Decide on a local attorney that has experience handling similar cases in the same jurisdiction.

What Questions You Should Ask A Divorce Lawyer In Vienna, VA

Discover which questions you should ask a divorce lawyer in Vienna, VA when filing for or considering a divorce. Ask questions related to the duration that it will take to complete the divorce process, what documents or information you will need to provide, what actions you will need to take, and how you can best prepare for divorce. Contact the Law Office of Scott S. Ives today for a FREE divorce law consultation

Meet Our Meet Our Divorce Lawyer For Vienna, VALawyer For Herndon, VA

Meet our divorce lawyer for Vienna, VA. The Law Office of Scott S. Ives has over 30 years of experience practicing family law in northern Virginia. Scott Ives has the knowledge, experience, and understanding to help you and your family and make a tough situation a bit easier. Do what is best for your future, contact the Law Office of Scott S. Ives today to get a free legal consultation.

Need a Family Divorce Attorney In Vienna, VA?

Do you need a family divorce lawyer in Vienna, VA? If you are in the beginning stages or a separation or divorce, consult an expert attorney to represent your best interests and ensure a smooth divorce process. Even uncontested divorces require time and effort, and contested divorces are often drawn out and messy without the help of an experienced attorney. Contact the Law Office of Scott S. Ives for a FREE legal consultation regarding your divorce.

What Can A Divorce Lawyer Help You With?

Whether you are certain that a divorce is in your future, or you are simply preparing for a possible separation, a divorce lawyer can help you consider your options and create a plan of action while protecting your legal assets and best interestsAn attorney can help by staying in contact with your spouse and their attorney regarding divorce proceedings, filing required paperwork, and keeping up with all other aspect of the divorce.

How Can a Vienna Divorce Lawyer Help You With A Settlement?

Curious about how a Vienna, VA divorce lawyer can help you with a settlement from your divorce? Get an equitable distribution of assets in the form a settlement or discuss other options available to you with a knowledgeable attorney. Many people do not understand the distribution of assets in a divorce handled in Virginia. Hire an attorney to represent your interests and ensure the best outcome!

Looking For a Top Family Law Attorney in Northern Virginia?

If you are looking for a top family law attorney in northern Virginia, contact the Law Office of Scott S. Ives. Our family attorneys represent you with expert legal service and advice to ensure the best outcome possible for your divorce. We have represented hundreds of individuals in cases of family law and have the knowledge and experience to help you too!

Determining And Collecting Spousal Support In A Divorce

Hire an experienced attorney to help represent you in the process of determining and collecting spousal support in a divorce. Since Virginia is an equitable distribution state, a judge has the ability to divide assets equally between two parties, review a list of factors before determining the division of assets, and consider whether to award spousal support. An attorney can provide legal documents and representation to help sway the consideration of spousal support in your best interests.

Contested Divorce & Uncontested Divorce Lawyer in Vienna, VA

Learn more about hiring a contested divorce and uncontested divorce lawyer in Vienna, VA. Whether you have agreed to go ahead with an uncontested divorce or anticipate a more complex contested divorce case, the Law Office of Scott S. Ives can help guide you through the divorce process and handle all legal aspects of your separation.

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Divorce lawyer in Herndon VA Consultation

Spousal Support and Child Support Lawyer in Vienna, VA

Ensure that you have the support that you and your child need or consult an attorney about providing support to your child and former spouse. If you or a loved one is contemplating or going through a divorce, it can have a great impact on your family, especially children. Contact the Law Office of Scott S. Ives for a free consultation regarding child support or spousal support.

Child Custody Lawyer in Vienna, VA

Consider the best interests of your child and consult a child custody lawyer in Vienna, VA. One of the largest concerns that couples that are going through a divorce have is how the situation will impact their children. Ensure that you have the best legal representation to determine child custody. The Law Office of Scott S. Ives has practiced family law in northern Virginia for over 30 years and offer compassionate, knowledgeable representation.

Our Family Divorce Law Firm For Vienna, VA

Meet our family divorce law firm for Vienna, VA–The Law Office of Scott S. Ives. At the Law Office of Scott S. Ives, we understand the ins and outs of Virginia family law and Virginia child support. We implement the benefits to the best of our abilities and do everything possible to make sure your divorce is smooth and painless.

Top Divorce Lawyer in Vienna, VA

Are you searching for a top divorce lawyer in Vienna, VA? Hire the Law Office of Scott S. Ives to represent your best interest in your divorce proceedings. With a 5-Star client rating and hundreds of successful outcomes, our law office can help you achieve the best outcome possible in your divorce. Call our office for a free consultation with a divorce lawyer.

Consult a Divorce Attorney in Vienna, VA

Consult a divorce attorney in Vienna, VA in order to assess your options for divorce or spousal separation. Get information related to equitable distribution of assets, minimum separation time required prior to divorce, and consult an attorney with questions about the necessary steps to file for a complete a divorce. Call to get a free divorce consultation with the Law Office of Scott S. Ives today!

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