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Most people do not understand their rights with respect to personal injuries they suffer due to another person’s acts of negligence or intentional acts of wrongdoing. Such acts of negligence include but are not limited to, automobile accidents or slip and fall injuries. Are you looking for an experienced Virginia personal injury attorney? Choose The Law Office of Scott S. Ives for the most knowledgeable and effective personal injury lawyer Virginia has to offer.

As a seasoned Virginia personal injury attorney, Scott Ives understands that one of the most misunderstood aspects of personal injury cases involves medical payments. If you are injured, you should call your insurance company to determine whether you have medical payments coverage (this is similar to a mini-health insurance policy built into your auto insurance). If you do, you can use this money to obtain reimbursement for your medical bills. If you have more than one car included in the same policy, you can “stack” this insurance to obtain double (for two cars) or triple (for three cars) the amount of this insurance coverage. Typically, medical payment coverage is between $2,500 and $5,000 per vehicle. Furthermore, you can usually obtain reimbursement for these medical bills even if you have already received payment for these same bills through your health insurance.

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At The Law Office of Scott S. Ives, a Virginia personal injury attorney will assist you in obtaining your medical payment coverage even though we do not seek compensation for this service. We will further assist you in obtaining fair compensation for your damaged automobile without charge. Our law firm only receives compensation in personal injury cases if we obtain a settlement or judgment from either the party that caused your injury or his or her insurance company.

Many people also do not realize that you are entitled to much more than simply reimbursement of your medical bills in accident cases. We additionally seek compensation for your pain and suffering, lost wages, and in certain cases-punitive damages against the negligent party.

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To learn more about your rights and more information about our successful Virginia personal injury attorney services, please contact Ives & Associates as soon as possible to schedule your free consultation*; we are your best bet for a personal injury lawyer Virginia. It is important to note that personal injury cases are extremely time sensitive. If you do not promptly obtain the necessary medical and legal assistance, you may jeopardize your ability to obtain a fair settlement, judgment, or verdict.

* Except for employment law. Due to the complexities of employment law, the Law Firm only offers a fee based half an hour or one hour consultation for employment related matters.